i feel like my body is screaming at me & tearing apart telling me to do more and agh!!! when will it ever be enough!

today i created two songs, one drawing, streamed, edited & posted two art pieces on all my social media, spent another hour setting up future streams, & cleaned the whole house.

and its currently 5am and i still feel like i should be doing more I WANT to do more, but at the same time i hear myself and im screaming slow the fuck down your fucking maniac, please go to sleep.

but also like theres this pressure to being 18 with no job experience or clear future and im also screaming at myself to please fucking do more, if i do enough then maybe ill have a shot at life.

it feels like im on fire while drowning in the ocean it makes no fucking sense! and ill be left in pain by the end! but hey at least the adrenalines nice!