(okay breaking the timeline here but i want to give more context around this piece. writing this on 6/3/22)

agh. i remember feeling so proud of this piece. even looking back its still everything i want my art to be. its pretty, its chaos, its messy, and its all glazed in this feeling of being lost. then the music expands upon that feeling and like agh. i love it.

i say all of that because this art piece is one of my worst preforming pieces ever. and i think from this piece onwards i really stopped trying to become a artist.

while art was always a heavily personal thing for me. after this post art became purely personal. and with that, i started to really take my time making art and started making a lot less art.

maybe i care too much about my social media numbers and should of kept making a ton of content for the people anyways. but idk, im definitely happier posting less.