its been awhile since i've done one of these, its been a pretty normal month overall, kinda boring lol.

ive started streaming on twitch so thats something, honestly overall i've been trying not to think about it too much.

the idea of like, "fame" or people irl knowing me for "the depths of escapism" just uh, idk scares me, im not really sure why though honestly lol.

but yeah overall streamings been going really smoothly!, i thought i'd have a issue of running out of things to talk about and talking my normal depressed shit but that hasn't been a issue at all so thats really kinda cool.

also i like, already have some viewers? who come by often and that fucking shocks me lol. like ive been posting my art for nearly 2 years now and i still kinda stuggle to have people who consistently like my art.

so the fact that i already have viewers who give up hours of there days to spend with me??? idk insane.