hello and welcome to my website! you can call me depths, im a 17 year old who uses any pronouns and lives basically as a housewife.

andddd that leaves me with a lot of free time, so i like to make little art pieces trying to capture / figure out my emotions and uh, people seem to like the end products? so i figured why not post them online.

and then this website! basically i wanted to post my personal favorite pieces together and try to make something more then little one off pieces, also i wanted to try and learn more about coding and what not.

in the art collections area you will find my personal favorite pieces & music, please click on the image to move onto the next. also note the music auto plays and it seems if you're on mobile you will need to go into your browser and turn on desktop mode? honestly im not super sure as i really don't know how any of this works lol.

in the thoughts area you can find updates and thoughts from my personal diary.


digital art: Krita, ibis paint X, MS paint

traditional art: prismacolor pencils & colored pencils, ohuhu markers.

editing: (all of these are apps) vaporgram, lumii, glitch lab, glitch vhs, google photos, capcut, square pic.

music: soundtrap, a broken 1980s keyboard, pxtone, audacity (also sometimes my dogs in the room while i record so thats the background noise lol)