making the website

uh yeah!, its 12/10/21 and it seems like i'll actually be making myself a website!, originally i had a completely different plan for this website with the idea being you only get to see 10 art pieces at a time, and then from those 10 pieces you could find a code, using that code would bring you to the next section with 10 more pieces and so on.

anddddd then i remembered i literally have no idea how to code or use html at all and i should probably start with something easier, also i feared that people wouldn't care enough to keep going through the website to see all of the art pieces.

but yeah! at the time im writing this the website is nearly finished and im really happy with how its coming out and like 98uiogjofvszmdcgvoki9mmsi9gv i've always wanting to make something more then just like, a little art piece you look at for two seconds and then move on and like? i feel like i actually managed to do that with this website.

also im really excited that in this format of posting my art i can easily link art pieces together and how i can like? actually make art series now and just like ah, im really happy with this and the future of my art.