uh yeah! the website is basically done at this point and i've started promoting it on my socials! so uh, yeah! welcome!

firstly, holy shit this website is getting a lot more views then i expected, like i really only made this whole thing for myself and uhhhh as of writing this 8200 people have seen it? and what? thats like? so many of yall? so uh, thank you! i hope yall like it. (honestly i really need to look into adding a guest book or something on here, but for now feel free to join my discord! you can find it in my "socials" section off the main menu.)

secondly, uh, future plans for the website! and art in general.

my main focus as of rn is going to be working on a "overflow" section in the "art collections" area, basically i make *a lot* more art then i make music, and i want a place to throw those art pieces without having to add music, basically its just going to be one page completely filled with a ton of images of my art and uh, yeah!

and art wise as some of you may know, i basically took a step back for all of december 2021 from art and i think? im going to contiune working like i did on my break, just doing a little bit here, and a little bit there, rather then trying to make art daily.

also i wanna make more pixel art & mess around with water colors so expect some of that lol.